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Je t’aime moi non plus

40 years on!

60 is the new 40 they told me in California last year, so I am trying to reinvent myself, albeit it slowly! Have been by turns a full time Mother, international Business Consultant and furious knitter, I still seem to have much to learn!

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All the talk now is of being a grandparent, when the last thing one wants is to feel old. Here is a picture of my own grandmother, dressed for my brother’s wedding. I could never aspire to her total confidence and sense of law and order and so have become ‘mumka’ to Sienna now aged 2 who likes yoga as much as I do

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Started in my twenties, still stretching


I was knitting with the stage hands for Wardrobe in 1967 and have never stopped


Vegan for the last year - helps the yoga


I spent the first 20 years in London and Kent and the next in Russia


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Wardrobe Mistress with Rachel Cary Field

Robin Felgates’ pic? Summer 1968